Oct 27, 2009

Sada Jama Pora Lok

                   Fossils has released its latest album F3,and as expected from this undisputed no1 Bengali rock band F3 is a awesome collection as was Fossils & Fossils2 was.Tracks such as Bhoot R Tilottoma,Bidroher- Pandulipi,Haspatale,Maa,Phire Cholu are food for the fans.But rather than the music which is always great, what is more likely to get noticed is the albums conceptual theme,Death of a fictional character called “SADA JAMA PORA LOK”,I start a few speculation about him and this is what i felt.

                  The sada jama man is narrated as is being killed by three bullets near  “RAIL LNE ER DHARE”.Lot of speculation


goes over this so called accident,until the sada jama scumbles to death in HASPATAL E,where from he becomes “National Laash”,oviously a “Todonto Commetee” is set up for the investigation.

               Now Train track,accident,todonto comittee does all this sound familiar to any previous newz,yes it does! I will not certainly name the incident coz as in the song it self after the incident for few days his ”BHOKTERA” becomes “KICHUTA HOTAASH”,ya only for few days of course!

                   Now really this is human nature,people shows their interest only until the news is hot,then all becomes normal.But the band has obviously showed how the at least haven't forgotten any incident.

                   Now you may think ooh its just yet again another blab blab about another murder or what of a man who became a great news a few days ago,but no think of it like this,what does SADA JAMA means?Innocence,peace and harmony.The death of Sada Jama shows us how every day our Innocence is being taken away from us. Ultimately as a result of this we are slowly becoming “DANOB” and the band sings about”DANOBER PANDULIPI”.

Image Sourse: fossils3


nascent said...

cool interpretation...didnt even hv to listn to the "awesome collection"!!! u saved so mch of ma tym.. thanx!!!

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