Oct 15, 2009

ARIIA the AI project of the film EAGLE EYE

I just watched Eagle Eye.
Eagle Eye has no human serial killer or psycho murderer, and, instead, the mastermind is a computer, its execution plan is perfect. Well, it is perfect by rate of probability anyway, as it so often calculates.

Eagle Eye is actually this mega computer built by the Ministry of Defense of the United States, and it has an audio user interface--in the form of a female voice named Aria. It collects all data of all people in the States, and possibly in the world too, and it analyses and makes patterns of these people; it knows everything about everyone, even their personality, so it can actually predict their course of actions when situations arise. As it collects all data, it is connected to all systems and networks, from ATMs to automated trains to common surveillance cameras. That means, it has access to everything electronic in the States, and maybe in the world.

And we all know that computers like this are usually incredibly smart. Now, the government people made a mistake bombing Iraq, and the computer is actually 'angry' over it. It sets itself on a mission to fix the 'corrupted' system by eliminating the corruption point, and that translates to murdering a list of very important country administers. But, the problem is, the program to the mission, called 'the Guillotine' or something, is locked biometrically--as any people designing programs like this would have the right mind to lock them--and the only person whose body is the key is patriotically dead not to let the computer unlock it.

Here comes the twist: another person in the world has his exact looks needed to unlock the program; he has a twin; and that's Shia LaBeouf. So, as any A.I. would do, the computer plans a whole plot to hunt him down and get him to it. And as it can't move, it has to use the sources it has, pull strings, and make people do its biddings--and making people do its deeds is what it does best, for it has information about everyone, giving it the advantage to choose the perfect persons, then arrange the perfect ways to 'motivate' that someone(s) to do as it says.

Speaking of the computer arranging things, the way Aria does things is just too awesome! It's like modern magic! And Aria's like this electronic witch who can turn every electronic system around to suit itself--or herself; it has a female voice anyway--without lifting a single finger (as if she had any)! Yes, it's a little creepy that she knows it all through all the electronic devices we have--and a little surprising to realise how much the whole world and us depend on these things--but still, she's crazy awesome! I think if a real person had all the access that she has, that person wouldn't be able to use it as well as her. Only a computer could navigate and coordinate all the plans like that; and change course that fast when things don't go according to plans.

Throughout the movie, I could almost feel Aria (yes, I'm calling the computer by her name now; Eagle Eye is just the project name) calculating in binary:

Planned step:

- true: next step as planned

- false: next set of plan (calculating...)

But then again, the whole plot of the movie is written by script-writers, so humans are able to think like a computer, as humans made them anyway... But that is not the point here; we are worshipping computers now!

Overall, the movie is a hunt, a race, a competition between humans and a computer. One has the perfect coordination, the artificial intelligence and everything that comes with it; the other is its creator, having the genuine intelligence, and the power to make it--but does it has the power to break it too?

Who will win in the end? The one who literally calculates everything? Or the one who calculated it, who outnumbers it, and who can do more than calculating?


nascent said...

Eager to watch it!!!

Jones Morris said...

it is connected to all systems and networks, from ATMs to automated trains to common surveillance cameras. ai takeover

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