Nov 16, 2009

ALL IS WELL !!!!!!!!

Hello Bloggers,this is my first blog of the month and specially after a wonderful and splendid visit of MALDA MURSIDABAD with my lovely mates,but I wont be blogging anything bout the trip in the current blog,as it will be done in a special blog later when I will get it well composed as so many things to say but my vocabulary is mere.

The thing I felt last night when I was listening to the ALL IZ WELL track from the film 3IDIOTS inspired me to scribble something down.

All is well“ the three simple words means a lot and holds different aspects and relative meaning in every other beings beings life.”WELL” what20090412125037943 does it actually mean:- well being,well formed,well motivated or just good health,what? Well,WELL actually means all of them,yes, but its relevance is different for different people in terms of their aspects.

What I fell these days that people rather hide their feelings and emotion by these 3 words.No body can be absolutely happy or absolutely well of health but still when you ask somebody How are You?How is everything going? the most obvious and common answer that you might come across is “ALL IS WELL”.

So is these three words the light of hope residing in us all??Is it only for this reason we try to neglect of sufferings,hide it from others but thinking everything is going fine rather very well?? The answer is unknown to me and I will definitely try to find it out soon till then ALL IS WELL for me too.

TOO BE CONTINUED.............

PS: Emotions can only be expressed by human beings,so dont hide them let them flow


navin said...

Well..."All is well" certainly reflects the li8 of hope residing within us. It is a spontaneous response to questions like "How are You?How is everything going?", which implies that amidst all the problems and difficulties in one's life there is a positive tendency within each one of us which keeps us up and rocking!! So, when "Life ho out of control, hoton ko karke gol, citi bajake bol.." :)

srabani said...

A lovely post!which makes each one of us think "Are u really WELL???"!Just hope that d postitive feeling embedded with the expression"All is Well!" really proves positive for each one of us in future.:)

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