Jul 31, 2009


Living in a big city like kolkata has some Bright side and Dark side too.

Ya i mostly agree with the gooder one such as easy availability of every thing but cant de
ny that some peace essential for the mind is also not being served in my plate

I need time and space to concentrate but i cant find one.Ya it might be the wacky neighbours i hav got but still i think the problem is inside of me "my innerself's".
The daily commution to my working place had had a n effect in my mind and its growing rapidly,being the fact of the people living under the "shanty bridges in khidderpore" or"the girl near the bus stop" who keep asking for alms but without getting one anyday vanished into desolation one day
.Why?i really mean Why?
I know the answer i was wondering was seached by a even being by an immense being too but couldnt get,so there is no question of mine.But still why?why?cant be there be an equality/why cant a being choose his own destiny?Is the pleasures only for certain people.Thoughts dissapear.But THE QUESTION never dies..............................................


Prabhat Ghosh said...

its good to see this thought comes to your mind..never let the thought disappeared..if you dont think you cant act...

adrija.bhattacharya said...

amar je sob dite hbe se to aami jani /amar joto bitto probhu,amar joto baani,,

nascent said...

a very nice question... with an answer that reveals a harsh fact...

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